Testimony from A Year 12 Student
 from one of the schools where the 
HELP core English program is taught 

Hello, My name is Marwin, I am 18 years old from Batu Jai School . Thank you the HELP foundation, because of your helping, now I become confident to speak English . My experience with HELP is fun and wonderful . It was easy to understand your teaching and the native volunteers that always come to our class motivate me to speak more and more in English. Now I am in my last year in this school and will finish my study here, but I will always remember what you have been teaching us during this three years. May God bless the work of HELP here in my school. I hope I could join your PEP program so that I could work in the hotel because my family want me to work and earn money . All the best and success for Help foundation .
Marwin was writing down his testimony

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