HEALTH – Nutrition, sanitation, water, environment

EDUCATION – Conversational English to improve study and 
                            employment opportunities                                   

LIFESTYLE – Informed health and moral choices

 PROGRAM – Structured program using trained personnel

“Educate a child, feed the family”
Education and informed choices are the platform on which students can have a positive future in the work or study environment in preparation for making a positive impact on their families and communities.


Central Lombok Regency: One of the most impoverished areas of Indonesia where most families are subsistence rice farmers or labourers. This area is often drought stricken having a long dry season. H.E.L.P. teaches in the poorer independent Muslim secondary schools where even the Indonesian teachers are paid nothing or very little and after- school classes in some villages. Rarely does a student have a computer and most walk to their nearest school. Many houses do not even have a toilet. The north-eastern and southern areas are becoming tourist destinations where young people can find a job if they can speak English. In Lombok, traditions of the Sasak people is mixed with their Islamic faith.  In this location H.E.L.P. also has a University sponsorship program and pathway to employment program for students who have attended the H.E.L.P. English course.

West Sulawesi: This is a translocation area  where poor people from overpopulated areas in Java were relocated so there is a greater mixture of faiths and traditions. H.E.L.P. stared teaching here in 2014 so it is relatively new. This location is currently on hold waiting for more helpers.

Jakarta Rubbish Dump: Dedicated  youth  visit and teach at the dump every Sunday with the high aim of breaking the poverty cycle by educating children, some as young as 9 years old, who have left school to collect rubbish to help support their families.

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