H.E.L.P. currently sponsors 2 students selected from the H.E.L.P. core English Program in High School, to a number of universities in Mataram. H.E.L.P pays for the entrance test, University fees, books, English lab fees and practicums while the family or community pay for the students’ living expenses in Mataram. Mataram is the nearest university location situated about 1 ½ hours drive from South Lombok.

Sponsorship Success Story

Sumiati Hanani comes from a poor Lombok village where the only income is rice farming. Her house is basic with no toilet. Sumi has two younger brothers and one younger sister. The family could not afford to send Sumi to University. Sumi was chosen for a H.E.L.P. University scholarship to be an English teacher because of her excellent results in H.E.L.P. English tests and her caring attitude. Less than a year ago Sumi was unsure of her future but now she is full of hope. She is so thankful and very focused on her studies. Sumi is due to graduate this year.Sumi volunteers teaching English in her old school in her holidays to show her appreciation for this  opportunity. Her family will benefit in having a daughter who can earn an income and help educate her siblings. The community will benefit as on graduation Sumi is keen to teach in her home area.

Are you interested in sponsoring a student to university?          

$40 a month will pay all University fees.


After finishing high school many students need to find work to help their families. Boys are permitted by their families to work away from home but the girls generally need to find work closer to home. H.E.L.P. has successfully formed relationships with hotels and restaurants to provide training and work for our students. As it is becoming known that our students can speak English and are being trained in work ethics, businesses are now approaching H.E.L.P. for staff.

Work placement success story

After Jaelani's father died he went to live with his grandmother and grandfather were already looking after 7 other children. It was imperative that Jaelani get a job. Jaelani was one of the star pupils in H.E.L.P. English class. H.E.L.P. arranged an interview with Puri Mas, a 5 star hotel in Sengiggi. Jaelani secured a traineeship for 4 months during which he survived on tips and food at the hotel while renting a small shared room. There was no guarantee of a job after training but Jaelani's ability to communicate in English and excellent work ethic secured him a position.
"The best thing about the H.E.L.P program is not just the blessings the students receive during their education but the success that follows them beyond the classroom. Furthermore, the joy we have as helping hands to our friends and neighbours in this wonderful country is a practical way to journey through the path of life."                

Paul Bennetts, H.E.L.P. Founder


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