What sort of people help H.E.L.P.?  
Ideally men and women with a desire to help those less fortunate than themselves, having appreciation for Indonesian culture and faith, marked by integrity, a teachable spirit, and a respect for God/Allah.

How do I become a helper for H.E.L.P.?
Email: or for a H.E.L.P. application form.

Do I have to be a teacher to teach English? 
No, many of our helpers are not teachers but receive training on the job. Those from non-English speaking countries should speak very good English.
Is English teaching all H.E.L.P does?
The core English program is the main program but helpers can be involved in health programs as well as forming relationships with the local people.
Do I get any time off to look around? 
Schools in Indonesia only operate in the morning. H.E.L.P. teaches four mornings a week plus a few village classes so there is plenty of time to immerse yourself in the culture and surrounding countryside or beaches.
How long can I come for?
Any period from a few weeks to a few months or more.
What are the best times of the year to come? 
H.E.L.P. encourages helpers to come from the first week of January to the beginning of June, then first week of August to the first week of December, which avoids the main school holidays. Weather-wise the temperature is much the same all year, wetter but a bit cooler in the wet season(November to March).
What does it cost? 
Helpers pay their own airfares and visas to the location and short term helpers (1-4 weeks) donate AUS$60 a week as a contribution to their upkeep.
Where do I stay? 
H.E.L.P. rents a good house in each location.
What should I wear? 
With respect to Muslim beliefs and Indonesian culture, women should wear long skirts, well below the knee, and skirts or t-shirts with sleeves and men should wear trousers and shirts for teaching, shorts  for men are fine at home. At the beach volunteers should wear modest bathing costumes.

How do I get around in Indonesia? 
H.E.L.P. owns a car and motorbikes, depending on the location. It's good to purchase an international licence prior to arrival in case you want to rent a motorbike or vehicle.
What about visas? 
Visas can be paid for on arrival. (Check country of origin) for stays of less than one month. Contact us about visas for longer periods.
Do I need vaccinations? 
It's up to you but not everyone finds this necessary.

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